EU rapid cooling technology reduces energy consumption of commercial refrigeration
 Aug 04, 2020|View:1030

The rapid refrigeration R & D project supported by the seventh R & D framework program of EU has successfully developed a new refrigeration equipment, which can reduce the energy consumption of existing refrigeration equipment by 80-90%.

The annual electricity consumption of commercial refrigeration in Europe is about 90 trillion watt hours (TWH), equivalent to the annual power generation of 8-9 large power plants. With the growth of consumption demand, the use of commercial refrigeration equipment is also increasing. Some organizations predict that the number of refrigeration vending machines in EU Member States will increase from 12.6 in 2009 to 200000 in 2020.

The huge energy consumption of commercial refrigeration has brought more and more pressure to the power grid and the environment. To this end, the EU has funded and set up the "rapidcool" R & D project under the seventh R & D framework plan, which is committed to the development of automatic and modular small-scale commercial refrigeration equipment. Recently, the prototype of the device is completed. The refrigerator adopts the advanced refrigeration technology called "v-tex", which can realize the refrigeration effect from room to - 4 in 5 seconds, and can save 80-90% energy consumption compared with the existing refrigeration equipment. The European Union plans to use the research and development results to upgrade the existing commercial refrigeration equipment. Many white home appliance manufacturers welcome this technology, even regard it as another "revolution" of home appliance industry after microwave oven.

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