White paper on development of fresh air conditioning industry in 2020 officially released
 Aug 04, 2020|View:1148

For air-conditioning products, the consumer's demand has evolved from the original temperature control to comfort and health, and the purchase direction is more inclined to the fresh air system. As consumers pay more and more attention to fresh air conditioning but lack of awareness, the "white paper Conference on the development of fresh air air conditioning industry in 2020" was held online on June 23, under the guidance of China Household Appliances Research Institute, sponsored by the design research and evaluation center of China household electrical appliances research Institute, and co organized by the national home appliance industry information center.

White paper on the development of fresh air conditioning industry (hereinafter referred to as "white paper") jointly issued by China Household Electrical Appliance Research Institute and other participating units. From the perspective of consumers, the white paper combs the user's pain points, clarifies the users' demand for fresh air and the problems to be solved for fresh air conditioning products; indicates the effect of fresh air on human body from the dimensions of physiological indicators and physiological reactions, so as to deepen consumers' understanding of fresh air products; popularize the product advantages of fresh air conditioning for consumers and guide their purchase. From the perspective of the industry, the white paper advocates the combination of fresh air and air conditioning to help create healthy air-conditioning air ecology. Through actual tests, it evaluates the effects of various functions of the products, enhances consumers' confidence in the products, reviews the products of the industry, and analyzes the technology development trend of the industry products.

In his speech, Mr. Ge said that under the general situation of China's air conditioner market, Ge Fengliang fully recognized the decline of its overall scale. In line with the trend of consumption, air conditioning enterprises have accelerated the research and development of fresh air conditioning, and new technologies and new products emerge in endlessly on the market. With the participation of many enterprises, fresh air conditioning is on the "fast track" of development.

Zhang Hong, deputy director of the Department of respiratory and critical care medicine of Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, also attended the conference and expressed her views from the perspective of fresh air and human health: no matter what kind of people are, they will be more conducive to health in the indoor environment with appropriate temperature, moderate humidity, frequent ventilation and fresh air. Under the condition of poor outdoor environment quality or large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, it is a better choice to introduce filtered fresh air and control indoor temperature and humidity at the same time to maintain indoor environment comfort and health.

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