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Auto air conditioner cleaner for Pipeline

cleaner for Pipeline

Auto air conditioner cleaner for Pipeline

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Auto air conditioner cleaner for Pipeline






air conditioner cleaner


car cleaner





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Air Conditioner Cleaner
Product Feature
1. This product uses the latest efficient environmental formula, with cleaning, deodorization, sterilization function.
2. Without removing the air conditioning can be quickly removed evaporator dust, mold and other harmful substances deposited in
the air conditioning duct and evaporator.
3. To improve the air conditioning and the cooling effect, saving flue.
4. Unique antibacterial, effective prevention of air conditioning and respiratory diseases. Recommended for use by professionals.

1. Start the engine and open the window.
2. Turn off the air conditioner and put the refrigeration switch in the OFF position,air intake use the external circulation mode.
3. Open the fan and place the maximum air volume.
4. To shake the tank body a few times, and insert nozzle tightly into the attached hose, and then insert the other end of the hose
into the air conditioning outside the air intake.
5. Spray evenly the cleaning agent into the air conditioning inside (The auto with air filter network should filter out the
network firstly)
6. After the injection is completed, keep the auto in place for about 20 minutes, then turn off the fan switch and the car engine,
the cleaning waste will be automatically discharged from the chassis drain, the cleaning process is completed.
1. Please wash this product for other purposes.
2. Don’t store in moist and rusty places.
3. Don’t near fire, avoid direct sunlight, and don’t place more than 40 degrees.
4. Please confirm the liquid inside the can, after the gas released ,empty the can again.

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