• Leakage Alarm System
  • Leakage Alarm System

Leakage Alarm System

Function Type: Mixing System
Detection Type: Laser
Output Signal Type: Digital Type
Production Process: SemiConductor Integrated
IP Rating: RS-485 Standard Agreement
Certification: UL

alarm system Features:
Laser transmitter consists of the intelligent analog collector, laser emission and light intensity monitoring unit, laser receiving unit, signal processing unit, etc., to achieve real-time monitoring of regional air SF6 gas concentration purposes. Intelligent SF6 laser transmitter function description:

1. Quantitative detection and analysis of SF6 gas in regional air (using open optical high sensitivity mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy to eliminate the influence of laser intensity fluctuation and external environment)
2. Real-time display area SF6 gas concentration in the air, set the alarm concentration arbitrarily, when the ambient SF6 gas concentration exceeds the set alarm value issued it exceeded the alarm function.
3. Each SF6 gas laser detector monitors the change in SF6 concentration in the range of 0.1 to 200 m without the need for any sampling device, just one reflector,when the laser passes through the area to be monitored , it will be reflected back by the reflector to reach the detector. Then achieved a measure of the concentration of SF6 in the entire optical path.
4. Use the laser spectrum absorption technology detection, to detect the SF6 gas leakage, the measurement accuracy can be higher than one millionth, the detection resolution can meet 1ppm magnitude, and repeatability is good, stable and reliable, long life, quantitative analysis, using the open Optical path technology, thus avoid the sampling and achieve a wide range of continuous space monitoring, simple operation, less failure rate.

alarm system Technical Parameters:

EnvironmentMain electrical parameters
SF6 Gas detection sensitivity±1ppm(Laser transmitter)
Oxygen detection concentration1~25U%(With digital display function)
Oxygen concentration alarm thresholdAdjustable
Oxygen measurement accuracy<0.5%(0.4%,O2at21%)
Temperature display range-25~99ºC
Temperature measurement accuracy<0.5%
Temperature alarm thresholdAdjustable
Humidity display range0~99%RH
Humidity measurement accuracy<3%
Humidity alarm thresholdAdjustable
Input voltage176~265VAC
Alarm output point2A
Fan output contact power supply380VAC 40A
Fan ventilation time setting15MIN/times(Adjustable )
Data recording time2 years,Host computer mass storage
CommunicationRS-485 Standard agreement


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