• Gas Quantitative Leak Detector
  • Gas Quantitative Leak Detector
  • Gas Quantitative Leak Detector

Gas Quantitative Leak Detector

Gas detector Product Introduction:
CXLD-1 SF6 gas quantitative leak detector is our latest design of the product, the principle is that when air contains sulfur hexafluoride gas concentration changes, the mixed gas under the effect of high frequency electromagnetic field ionization degree will be different, the concentration of sulfur hexafluoride can be reflected by detecting the degree of ionization.

The instrument uses a small vacuum pump.Features are small size, light weight, easy to carry, high sensitivity, good stability, fast response, the probe will not poison and so on. And there is a liquid crystal display gas concentration, the instrument readings more convenient and accurate

The instrument has added the alarm setting function, when the measured gas concentration is greater than or equal to the set value, that is, to issue their own alarm sound.

This equipment is specially designed for power, railway, electrical manufacturing, chemical, fire fighting equipment and atomic physics research and other departments to fill with sulfur hexafluoride equipment, containers leak detection, can quickly and accurately qualitative and quantitative detection.

Gas detector Technical Parameters:

Measuring range(SF6)0.01ppm~500ppm(Volume ratio)
Response timeNot more than 3 seconds
Indicating wayLCD digital display harmony, optical signal alarm
Alarm setting range0.1ppm~500ppm(Volume ratio)
Vacuum pumping speed0.5L/Second
Vacuum pipe length4m
Continuous working hoursNot more than 4 hours
Working conditionsAC power supply 220V 50Hz
Ambient temperature7ºC-40ºC
Relative humidityNot more than 85%
PowerAbout 150W
Total WeightAbout 18Kg


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