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  • Aluminum extrude tube

Aluminum extrude tube

Aluminum Tube Coil

1. Alloy and temper: 1060, 1070, 3003,3102,3103 H112-O Temper

2. Surface quality: smooth, no crack, corrosion, and impurity.

3. Macroscopic organize: No shrinkage, crack, air hole & impurity

4. Gas sealing: Filling with Ni gas (1.00Mpa), keep the pressure for at least 30 minutes, to see the pressure gauge with decreasing or not. No leakage is accepted.

5. Bending testing: Bending at 1800 by 25mm bending radius, there is no visible crack.

6. Flattening: Pressing tube to be flat (inner wall distance same as wall thickness), no visible crack to be found.

7. Cleaning test: Clean the inner wall surface, without any pollution found, total impurity content remained 5~60mg/ m2

8. Tensile strength: 70-120 MPA

9. Elongation: 27-40%

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